HOURS MAY VARY AND WE ARE OFTEN AT FULL CAPACITY. PLEASE PURCHASE DAY PASS before visiting us. By purchasing a day pass you agree to our “fine print” (details in drop down menu below)

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What is it?

Blomst Community is a Scandinavian Social gathering spots for families with small children - for you to get out there and teach/model healthy, strong and safe community to your little ones. Blomst is created by a Danish Doula, Christine, who moved back to Atlanta from Denmark with her Atlanta'n partner after having their first child in Copenhagen, Denmark. Christine brings her knowledge and experience from the Scandinavian way of parenting and knows, first hand, what impact it has on children to learn community and social interactions from their parents - in healhty settings.
Blomst Community is basically like a living room away from home, where you can play with your child - while drinking free coffee & interacting with other families.

Why "No Classes"?

We strongly believe that you can support your child's development the best through joining them in "free play" in healthy social settings.

Children and parents come in many different forms and shapes.

If you can positivily attend to your child's social curiosity and feel confident in doing so, you are giving them the best gift you can give them. (That a visit at Blomst comes with the longest, happiest & most fulfilled nap after playing - is our gift to you)

Who is it for?

Families with children aged 0 - 2 yrs old.


Because most of us are feeling isolated, lonely and a bit unsupported.
Having a space where parents can ask other parents questions and support each other is life changing. When you feel supported and seen, you can parent better. At Blomst you can get to know your child's way of interacting with other children and be the one directly teaching your child healthy social behaviors.
We ask that you do not use your phone while joining us, as all children (+adults) deserve to be met with eye contact and attention <3


Chose your day, buy a Day Pass and come visit.

9:15 AM - We start our day with our Music Circle - a predictable list of easy and memorable songs, encouraging connection between adult and child.

FREE PLAY is encouraged at all times during your visit at Blomst.

11 AM - We do Social Circle - a community check-in.
We pull an anonymous parenting question from our community bucket, read it aloud and then respond and comment as a community.
Our Social Circle is a relaxed and fun way to engage in conversation about how crazy this parenting journey is.
If you would like to submit a question, please do so here!
We believe that a big part of community is leaning on each other - we want to move the "support" off of online forums and into real life.

We ask that you join us with a humble and open mind, always remembering that we all come from + live through different circumstances and backgrounds.

While we gather around our little ones, we strongly believe that the biggest gift we can give our children is the stable and strong support of real life community.

Again, please let your child wander and engage in FREE PLAY at any time during your visit at Blomst.

When & Where?

Wednesday - Friday
9:15 am - 12 pm

Our Decatur location is in partnership with Brave + Kind Books, and we are located at 720 W College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030


By attending the Blomst Community space, I agree that:

- I am responsible for myself, the child/children attending with me and our belongings at all times. 

I will not use any electronics while attending the Blomst Community space. I acknowledge that eye contact is essential for healthy development in humans and I will ensure that my family meets and interacts with all children and adults in a loving and respectful way at all times.

- Our family will treat the Blomst Community space and the other people attending the space, with love and kindness at all times.

- I acknowledge that this space is created with trust + love for families like ours, and I agree that our family will leave the space clean and neat. 

- I promise to join in and sing to the best of my abilities during the song circle!! I acknowledge that music is healthy and stimulating for my child/children and all the other children enjoying the adult voices joined in song <3

- Our family is entering the Blomst Community space at our own risk and will not hold the Blomst Community, the founder + volunteers of the Blomst Community
or the Brave & Kind Bookshop reliable for any injuries or damages at any point.

- Our family will respect and adhere to the asks of the Blomst Community space volunteers at all times. 

- We will
never enter the Blomst Community space if we have had any signs of illness (fever, vomiting or rashes) within the past 48 hours, or if we have any suspicion that any member of our family might be ill.

We understand that under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. We are assuming this risk by entering these premises.

By purchasing a Blomst Day Pass, I acknowledge that I have read and understood this disclaimer!

THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS (keep checking back)

Things + PPL we love!


Brave + Kind Bookstore
If the name wasn't descriptive enough - this neighborhood bookstore spreads love and kindness through their kind staff and their brave, diverse + inclusive books and gifts selections. 
Our children love this store and we have been shopping at B+K for years.


I have followed Sterling for years and I wholeheartedly recommend her and her company. Any google search lets you see the powerful impact Sterling and Loyal Lactation has.